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One-on-One Sessions


Sometimes getting through fear is difficult, and we understand that being in front of a group of people can make it harder to work through. Our one-on-one sessions can help with that! We can come to your home and bring some snakes, and we can work through the fear together, without anyone else. If you feel better, you can come to us too!

When the session starts, we talk a little bit, finding out where your fear bases. Then we bring out one of the snakes, starting small and letting you decide your own pace. You don't have to touch or hold them until you feel ready. 

If you don't have much of a fear and just want to hang out with a snake or two for an hour, this works for you too! 

Each session lasts an hour, and you can bring one friend along too!

We can meet up where you'd prefer. Our facility, your house, an outdoor park if the weather permits. We can not bring snakes into public buildings without permission from the building owner.


$20 per person, per hour


$30 per 2 people per hour

***No groups larger than 5 people***

One-on-One Sessions: About Us
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