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Our presentations are fun, interactive and educational. We focus on how to take care of the snakes, the differences in each of them, and talk about what snakes are best for beginners and so on. Crowd presentations are a great way to spread awareness of the true nature of these brilliant creatures, and to let people engage in something they may not get the chance to anywhere else.

Presentations start off as an introduction to the reptiles, with each individual animal getting their own highlight on their care, needs and fun little quirks. After the presentation, if the client so prefers, we can offer individual pictures, hands on interaction and even holding the animals! These shows are great for people for all ages.

For more advanced shows, we offer talks such as anatomy, in depth care, advanced handling and so on. If you have something else in mind, feel free to e-mail us! We'll be happy to answer any questions.

These are easily turned into birthday party packages and more!


Basic - $85 - 4 snakes, including a 20 minute hands on experience - MAX 20 people

Average - $110 - 6 snakes, including a 30 minute hands on experience - MAX 40 people

Hands On - $125 - 5 snakes, a bearded dragon and one full hour of hands on experience. - MAX 30 people

Premium - $150 - 8 snakes, a bearded dragon and a 45 minute hands on experience - MAX 50 people - ***Currently Unavailable***

Public - $250 - 10 snakes, a bearded dragon and one hour of hands on experience - Unlimited People - ***Currently Unavailable***

Presentations can be done outside so long as the weather is clear and over 20*C

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