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Red Snake



If you can't take care of your snake anymore, or you just don't want it, we completely understand. There will never be any judgement about your decision, and we promise we will give our very best care to the snake as we find it a new home.

Due to the costs of running a rescue, we do charge a surrender fee for each snake.

  • Snakes under 2 feet - $50

  • Snakes 2-5 feet - $75

  • Snakes over 5 feet - $100

OR instead of a cash fee, you can pay by donating a tank, hides, or other supplies that are equal to the fee!
​We understand that sometimes having the funds to pay fees can be hard to come by, which is why we take in alternate payments.

With the surrender fee in place, it will help us keep the rescue going, and help to cover the costs of getting each snake set up with their own tank and supplies.

Surrender: Programs
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